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What is DINKlife

What is DINKlife



DINKlife is about freedom and possibility. It’s about making the most of now. It is the lifestyle of today’s modern DINK couple.


Our story 

So there we were, reflecting on our life as a couple.  Most of our friends had married and immediately procreated - seemingly conceiving on the wedding night - and migrated deep into the “best school districts”, rarely to be seen again. Others were still single, bouncing from meat market club to bar, still playing the game. 

Lingering in singlehood, or blasting into parentdom, many of our friends were in a vastly different life stage than us.   

Every year more of us are choosing to slow things down – having kids later or not having them at all – soaking up life as a couple with the time, energy, and resources to focus on career, setting the foundation for the future, and simply experiencing the freedom of life now without the commitment of kids.

We looked around and asked ourselves the obvious question… couples like us continue to grow in scale, but are we growing in influence?  While the public and private sectors are enjoying our rising revenues, the proliferation of products & services, literature, and life resources were built on the backs of the American gorillas: families, singles, children, and seniors.   

It was clear that we, living the Dual Income No Kids lifestyle, deserved more; more ways to meet each other, discover stuff we want to do, and share opportunities and information within our community.  We needed a home, a destination and a resource to make the most of our unique lifestyle.

Now is the time we stand up and be counted…

Like millennial hippies, we moved West to San Francisco, joining with DINKs and FODs (Friends of…) that believed in the cause to establish home base for this revolution, to build the platform for this uprising… and DINKlife was born.

DINKlife unites the DINK community in the real world (Meet DINKs) and online (Chat & Share) to make the most of today with the info we need (Topics), the events and activities we care about (coming soon), and the deals that help us thrive (Deals).

What’s next…

DINKlife is your baby, raise it in your likeness  Talk to the DINKlife team (Feedback), talk to all DINKs (Forum), share what makes you special to help the rest of us (Stories). 

As for us… will we have kids?  Who knows?  Today, we make the most of now, investing in ourselves, each other, and the community around us.

We can do this… because we’re DINKs.

- Katelyn and Cory

The founders

Katelyn Watson and Cory Jones

Katelyn & Cory, spreading the word about DINKlife


Katelyn Watson

 Katelyn WatsonKatelyn is an almost ten year online marketing veteran, having worked with marketers big and small, on the brand and agency side. In 2002 she realized how easy it was to measure email campaigns for Network Associates and with a curious sparkle in her eye she never looked back. Katelyn has worked with brands like SunTrust Bank, Best Buy and Brinker Restaurants on the agency side as well as La Quinta Hotels and Shutterfly on the brand site. Her first words were ad network and CPA, and she has carried them through for life while helping brands understand how to spend their online marketing dollars more effectively, and also helping brands weed through the ever changing online media landscape. Katelyn enjoys road tripping all over Northern California with her fiance Cory, visiting her family back in Texas and continuing to soak up all the world has to offer while spreading positivity. Katelyn grew up in Dallas and soon after college; all of her friends were disappearing one by one, to refocus priorities on kids. While she was very happy for her friends, she was left with none and needed to find a way to make new friends with her priorities and similar interests, so for now, DINKlife is her baby.

Cory Jones

 Cory JonesBorn and raised in the Dallas area, Cory gained his competitive edge as a powerlifter at the University of North Texas, shortly thereafter achieving his greatest claim to fame thus far - achieving the title of Texas Strongest Man (the plastic trophy doesn’t have his name on it, but we believe him). Cory cut his professional teeth as a citizen of the free standing country that is Accenture; learning to travel and spend per diems, and a work hard/work hard mentality that has stuck with him ever since.  Going on to work in a dizzying array of industries, and diving into everything from marketing to retail management to productivity consulting (he insists he’s sorry for that big layoff in 2003), Cory claims during the span of his career to have single-handedly sold at least 1 phone line, 2 hotel rooms, 97 strawberry and banana smoothies, and 19 full palettes of treated 4X6 redwood. Having defeated all TX stereotypes - he rarely wore boots, wasn’t a fan of Keith Urban and owned a pickup for only a short time (and it was a compact) – Cory felt he’d done his part and departed The Republic with his fiance, Katelyn, moving to downtown San Francisco in 2009 to start DINKlife. When not reliving the enormity of his accomplishments with the rest of us, you can find Cory fretting over the header size of a DINKlife email, enjoying a Chicago pizza over an 80’s action flic, or planning how he’s going to fit in his two-seater Nissan after this next pizza.


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Paying the Bills

Part of the DINKlife mission is to connect couples to the products and services we need and want for our lifestyle.  While DINKlife editorials are unbiased, you will see paid advertisers on the site. 

DINKlife will strive to select advertisers that are relevant; only companies that value DINKs will be featured.  If you see a dancing “mortgage girl” let us know, someone has likely goofed.


DINKs are smart, creative, adventurous...and full of clever ideas. Think DINKlife can be better? Say it here.

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