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The Paleo Diet: Smart Eating for Couples

My S.O. and I recently went cave-couple, and we’re not turning back. Here’s our quick take on Paleo, the latest and greatest nutritional approach for energy and weight management.

The Paleo Diet: Smart Eating for Couples

Behind exercise, nothing can do more for our energy levels, our health and overall stress management than a healthy diet that fits our needs. We DINKs need a nutritional strategy that will not only help us live longer, happier and healthier lives, it needs to make us look hotter together, make our sex lives amazing and help us maintain or achieve that power couple status we so deserve! The Paleo diet is one such strategy.

Motivated by the need for more energy, a few months ago my S.O. and I started the Paleo diet, and we’ve since turned it into part of life-as-usual. Also known as the “caveman” or “hunter gatherer” diet, it’s fundamentally based on feeding your body exactly what it needs to function at its best. It’s simple, involves readily available foods, and is not about fad foods or buying specific branded products. And while you will likely be sacrificing a few foods you really enjoy, there’s many you can indulge in you may not expect. You may be surprised at how easy it really is.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet mirrors the eating patterns of our earliest ancestors. It is based on the fundamental science of the food chain and what our bodies require: animal proteins and vitamins and minerals from plants and nuts. Fundamentally, our bodies do not need grains, legumes, dairy or sugar to survive and thrive.

These food types require some level of processing in order to be eaten, which typically adds unnatural elements into our food that the body doesn’t need. Surprise, surprise; I thought grains were good for you. I grew up on milk. I was challenged by a nutritionist to try the Paleo diet for a week and see what happens. The results were amazing. I experienced a 100% increase in energy with no caffeine, significant weight loss, better regularity and just overall feeling great. And yes, you can get all of your essential vitamins and minerals from plants and animals.

The main idea behind the Paleo diet is to return to the core basics of non-processed healthy foods. Organic fresh produce high in vitamins and minerals and sustainable meat like grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught seafood. All of these food sources are much higher in protein and provide the nutrition our bodies need, free of antibiotics and hormones, higher in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, and less likely to carry any E. coli strains.

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A good way to lose weight effectively is when you have someone that will motivate you and who will stand by you if you don't have the capacity to continue because it's really energy-draining. - Lindsay Rosenwald

I didn't knew about it. Sounds good to give a try. I'll discuss it with my Doctor and would start thereafter.

I need to drop as much weight as I can in the next 2 weeks, so I am thinking I might try this. Giving up ice cream is gonna suck big time for me. But, maybe if I give up all the other stuff not on this diet, I might be able to sneak in a little of my home made gelato:)

Vicki - I hear stories like this all the time, it is pretty amazing. I am with ya, when I veer off and have that cheat cupcake or pasta I can def feel it. Some people from my gym get together and buy a whole cow and we chip in to take a portion home so we have fresh grass fed goodness. Congrats on your success!

Katelyn - though I have not gone full blown paleo, I have been completely "politically incorrect" since 2005 because I am proudly low-carb. I am an avid vegetable gardener, so it was a pretty easy transition. DH and I buy local beef and pork from farmers, and I am seeking free range poultry and eggs. I lost 50 lbs (and have already beat the statistics by keeping it off), lost my GERD and IBS. Would that I could give up caffeine! I supposed I'm just making excuses. Grain - yuck. Whenever I slip back to eating any processed grain product, the GERD and reflux come right back.

Nice. I love the paleo diet flowchart! I'm all for trying anything that supports better health.


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