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couples workout
While I like the feeling of “dropping off the grid” when I go on a trip, I also like the feeling of my body functioning well. DINKs owe it to ourselves to make sure we not only focus on the fun and adventure of travel, but that we also keep looking good and feeling healthy while doing it.
A new fitness craze, perfect for DINKs, gets us off the couch, out of the gym, and on to the playground.
What is the paleo diet?
My S.O. and I recently went cave-couple, and we’re not turning back. Here’s our quick take on Paleo, the latest and greatest nutritional approach for energy and weight management.
Tough Mudder
Do you ever feel the urge to push your body and mind beyond where you thought it could go? Does swimming through ice cold ponds and scurrying through dark, muddy tunnels with your S.O. sound like your idea of a good time? 
Couples staying in shape
Now that you’re off the market, you no longer have to worry about staying in shape, right? Wrong! Here are 7 reasons why we DINKs should be even MORE committed to a healthier lifestyle.
what is holistic health
With only two mouths to feed – little Pugsly is perfectly happy with his Purina – we DINKs a have more flexibility in when, and more importantly what, we eat.
what is raw food
Across the country, people are swapping out cooked food for the raw variety. Read on to learn how easy and delicious it is for you and your partner to add healing, cleansing raw foods to your diets.
What is crossfit
We know that traditional workouts are not always the best for our long term health. While one can still burn calories and lose weight, countless hours on the treadmill means worn down knees and joints and no muscle gain.

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