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Study Finds Couples with Kids Breaking Up Faster

Couples are breaking up faster than ever, and a recent study found that the number one reason was having kids.

Study Finds Couples with Kids Breaking Up Faster
Couples are throwing love away faster than ever before

You may have heard of the “seven-year itch,” which traditionally caused couples to divorce after seven years of marriage.  These days, couples are four times more likely to break up after only three years, and a recent study found that the number one cause of breakups is having kids. 

British parenting website, Netmums, surveyed 1500 people about how the pressures of parenting affected their relationships.  Over 40% of the couples surveyed said that having children has driven them apart.  Nearly 80% said that exhaustion from raising kids negatively affected their relationship.  Half said that the spark has left their relationship since the kids came along, and 46% blamed a lack of sex after having a baby.  Others cited money worries, debt, and lack of time together without the kids as the main causes of their relationship woes. 

According to Professor’s House, child-free couples enjoy a significantly lower divorce rate from the world average.  Married couples with children have a 68% divorce rate within the first ten years, while child-free couples have a rate of less than 22%.  Netmums founder, Siobhan Freegar says, “Relationships are tough at the best of times, but add in young children, lack of time, work, and money worries, and it’s little surprise couples are splitting up earlier than ever before.” 

One major factor seems to be that couples are rushing into having children without spending time getting to know each other.  1 in 20 couples surveyed by Netmums expected to have a baby within only three months of getting together, and 15% expected a baby within a year.  These statistics show that DINKs have the right idea.  The key to a long, happy relationship is either waiting to have children, or not having them at all.

Jen Heller Meservey is a proud DINK and freelance writer who regularly writes articles for Nvate Magazine, software reviews for, and blogs for KnotFriends and PhillyLiving.  For more information and copywriting services, visit


Not surprising at all. You don't need to conduct a study to convince me that kids can seriously ruin perfectly good relationships. I take one look around me each day and I see this happening to the people in my life almost all the time as well as others.
My undying love and appreciation for my fiance makes me seriously question other couples that have perfectly functioning relationships and decide one day "Hey, what's one way I can just make this perfectly fine thing end? I know! We'll have kids! Why not? It just sounds so logical having a half-assed relationship with my loved one AND a half-assed relationship with my kids as a result! That's what everyone's doing now anyways. Yaaaay."
...And I then I lose respect for those same people that whine about it later on. Told ya so! See you when we get back from Vegas!
I only have respect for those that DO have kids and STILL have a functioning relationships with their spouse/significant other.
This study (and many others) only confirms what I already see around me in my environment.
I'm not saying NO one should have kids. I just think we have enough in the world that we dont need to worry about the extinction of our race at this rate...
Just a thought to have before diving into something possibly destructive. People need to think and plan more...

Hey,I also always used to think that a couple marriage live long due to their children so I am just shocked to read this post that most couple get divorce for their children.
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We married relatively young and have been married for 7 years now. No plans for kids any time soon!


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