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Double income no kids tv
God news for DINKs...ABC has selected the Happy Endings stars to lead a Pilot on DINKS (as we know Double Income, No Kids).  Apparently, the comedy is about a 30-ish year old couple who lives life in between having kids and living single without them. We have seen numerous attempts to portray the DINK lifestyle and do it in a way that DINKs and non DINks alike care about, but can they pull it off? We saw the Double income no kids movie produced about 2 years ago by producer Sole Productions, but it has only premiered in a few cities and lacks much reality or enough cleverness to keep most of us engaged, and it comes off as pretty negative. So, how are they going to pull it off? We think that the biggest opportunity here is to appeal to a broader audience than just DINKs. Perhaps they will try to appeal to parents by making a mockery of DINKs, maybe they will try to pull in an aspiration play where the TV watching parents can dream about the old days. Whatever they do, it's a 50/50 chance that this will take off. For the sake of DINKs and getting the attention our group deserves, we hope it does. What do you think? Do you think a prime time show like this can really take off in the mainstream? Or is it a pilot waiting to crash and burn?  Good news...ABC has approved the Pilot episode of "DINKS (Double Income, No Kids)" starring cast and executive team members from Happy Endings. 
couple at winery
You’ve probably heard someone call you selfish when you reveal you and your partner aren’t rushing into having kids. What can you say back? We’ve got ideas…
Couples iphone case
Check out these new apps dedicated to couples who want to make the most of their relationship…in the cloud.
couple sleeping in
Today's couples are waiting longer to have children, and research shows they might have the right idea. Here's why many experts agree that putting off having kids makes for happier parents.
cute couple with dog
The Double Income No Kids lifestyle is hot Down Under, and here we get some great insight into where and how they live.
couple throwing love away
Couples are breaking up faster than ever, and a recent study found that the number one reason was having kids.
la new years eve toast
Whether you're in LA or New York for New Year's Eve, or somewhere closer to home, ring in 2013 with music, dancing, delicious food, and plenty of booze at an adults-only New Year celebration.
Marisa Tomei says she doesn't need kids to feel complete. She and long time boyfriend Logan Marshall Green fill their child-free time starring in off-Broadway plays and award-winning films instead. 

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Welcome to DINKlife

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