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DINKlife Public Service Announcement Video

Are you at risk of livin' the DINKlife? You're not alone.

DINKlife Public Service Announcement Video
Sailing or scuba?



Watch this PSA to find out how to address this growing problem, and how you can make the most of it. Push it forward by spreading the word; share it on Facebook and Twitter!




About the creator:Joseph Binetti (Joe) is an award-winning filmmaker with experience ranging from commercials to features. As a soon-to-be DINK, he felt a moral obligation to produce this video for the rest of us. He is proud to add DINKlife to his list of clients that include Trident, Pillsbury, Coors Light, Nokia and New York Life. 


Good job!

Janet liked the video, K.W.!!!

So funny!

funny stuff!

Love it! Hilarious!

This is absolutely hilarious and I can't wait for the world to see it!


+Welcome to DINKlife

Welcome to DINKlife

Part of a Dual Income No Kids couple? Whether you don't have kids yet or never will, this is our place to make the most of life as a twosome. 

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