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couple on a mountain travelling
School's out and the family travel season is in full swing, which means we DINKs have to plan smart to make the most of our summer trips.  Here are a few pro tips to help you do just that.
Turkish Riviera
“What’s childfree travel?” my friend asked. “Is it a trip where you all sit around and talk about how glad you are that you don’t have kids?”
couple trip to kauai
If you're chomping at the bit to revitalize your love life after hibernating through an arduous winter, then you need to start planning for a warm visit to an exclusive destination once the spring season beckons. Here are four handy destinations for couples to consider.
couples beach in bermuda
Romance doesn’t always involve strolling a beach at sunset.  Check-out these 20 getaways for something a little different (with a little beach strolling thrown in for good measure).
A new adults-only party train with all the comforts of a high-class hotel will make you feel like you're in Vegas before you even arrive.
Biltmore Christmas Get Away
Take a DINK holiday break and travel USA with a great deal on a couples getaway.
Couple at the pool at romantic destination
We pit the top couples-oriented, adult-only resort chains head-to-head, and dug up their best deals. 
double income no kids couples travel bloggers that are traveling for two
These couples leverage the freedoms of the DINK lifestyle to travel the world full-time (or nearly) and spend their free time inspiring and informing us with detailed descriptions and eye-popping images from their jouneys.

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