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Adults-Only X Train will be a Party on Rails

A new adults-only party train with all the comforts of a high-class hotel will make you feel like you're in Vegas before you even arrive.

Adults-Only X Train will be a Party on Rails

15 years ago, Amtrak ceased passenger service between Las Vegas and Orange County, and travelers have had a rough time ever since.  Anyone who has driven the 7 hours after a long weekend of partying and gambling can tell you it’s no picnic. CEO Michael Barron plans to make the trip a blast with the X Train, an adults-only party train which will travel the old Amtrak route from Fullerton train station in Orange County to a Las Vegas depot. 

The luxury passenger train will feature personal flat screen TVs with interactive channels, all first-class seating, 2 “ultra lounges,” and an entertainment car where passengers can play games for prizes.  Seats will feature power outlets for laptops and mobile devices, and Wi-Fi access will be available throughout the train.  “Conductresses” will bring cocktails and gourmet food right to your seat.  Private cars will be available for parties, business meetings, and more.  Concierge service will plan your itinerary for when you arrive in Vegas, booking show tickets, restaurant reservations,and table service at the hottest nightclubs.

Barron says the X Train will be “essentially a nightclub on wheels,” and will make passengers feel like they’ve just stepped into Vegas.  The train’s 16 cars will carry up to 576 passengers, and tickets will be $99 each way.  Those interested can sign up at to receive a notification when tickets become available.  Barron hopes to start service as soon as New Year’s Eve 2012, so get ready to plan your Vegas vacation.

Is this the start of a new trend of adults-only transportation options?  Which route do you think needs its own X Train?


How about a cross-country X-train for us DINKs to take a long vacation and see the sights!


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