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Love DINKlife enough to make it your baby?
To prepare for upcoming expenses from raising a family, dual-income / no kids households should optimize their current finances, set up automatic family savings mechanisms and build wealth in tax-advantaged accounts.
wealthy couple paying for sushi date
New British study shows cohabiting couples are, on average, over £1,200 better off each year than those living on their own. Here's 8 tips to help you make the most of the DINK advantage.
early retirement investing as a married couple with money
Thanks to higher disposable income, U.S. government reports show we DINKs save and invest nearly 60% more than our parenting friends.  But should we invest together or separately?
Tips for couples, money, and relationships
With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to revamp your money relationship.
How to pay taxes for high income earners
While everybody must files taxes, many of us aren’t maximizing our return. Check out these tips to help us file even smarter this year.
Couples and Money
Sometimes life calls for a change. Whether planned or unplanned, going from two incomes to one can be tough so leverage your DINK-vantage to ensure you’re ready to handle any financial speed bumps in stride.
money tips for couples
Don’t let money get in the way of you two enjoying the holidays together. Huddle up and create a spending plan to keep things running as smooth as the rest of your DINK life.

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Welcome to DINKlife

Part of a Dual Income No Kids couple? Whether you don't have kids yet or never will, this is our place to make the most of life as a twosome. 

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