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Write a Marriage Mission Statetement

Of course you want to stay with your other half for the rest of your life, but do you have the driving purpose in your relationship to make that happen? Whether you show your love like Mike and Carol Brady or display the changing passions of a French drama, pinpointing a mission statement benefits your marriage.

Write a Marriage Mission Statetement
Making a Marriage Statement

You routinely write mission statements in your job because it keeps you focused on achieving your goals and objectives. So doesn’t it make sense to do the same for the important relationship that makes you a DINK? You may already have some idea of what you want included in your marriage statement. Maybe it’s a description of how you pictured marriage before you awed everyone in that white dress or rocked the Armani tux. Perhaps it’s inspired by some memorable lines used in the marriage proposal. Here are a few guidelines to help you and your spouse tackle writing a marriage mission statement together.

1. Have fun. Remember to have fun with it, and not to be selfish. Like a relationship, you’ll have to work together on it, so don’t try to force something that he or she just isn’t buying. 

2. Make long term decisions. Don’t make any irreversible decisions. Certain things just won’t work, so don’t choose anything that will be difficult to change in the future. 

3. Keep it philosophical. Search for the substance of your life together; this isn’t the time to assign chores. What do you value in your marriage? What are some doctrines on which you stand by each other? These things should have a major influence on your marriage statement.

4. Focus on what works. Try to write down a few things that help you work well together in matrimony. What benefits do you provide to each other that bring joy into your relationship? What practices and processes have you found to be the most effective in resolving conflict and building good will toward one another?  Identify why you believe it will continue working.

5. Think broad. How do you want your marriage to look in twenty years? In this section, aim for how you want to impact your family, friends, and your marriage. You’ll want to look back and see that you made a positive impression in the world with your loved one.

6. Keep it short. This isn’t a term paper; don’t feel like you have to crank out 5-8 pages and widen margins. Make it short and sweet. Just be sure to be inclusive and cover all the key components. 


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