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tips for honeymoon on romantic beach
Synonymous with the DINK lifestyle itself, many couples are choosing to do things their own way when it comes to wedding honeymooning.  Check-out these tips for your honeymoon planning.
valentine's day flowers for couples
Wondering what to do for Valentine's Day?  Make your holiday more than just the usual date night with these creative Valentine's Day date ideas.
valentine's day infographic about what to do
As we DINKs can have a special night any night we want, we surveyed DINKlife members to find out if they do something EXTRA special, or if Valentine's Day is just like any other awesome day living the DINK life.
couple drinking wine and preparing dinner
Just because you're adults doesn't mean you can't play with your food.  Have some fun for dinner with these double date couples games.
say no to birth control pills
If you're still using "The Pill" to prevent getting pregnant, you may be surprised to learn that there are long term and permanent birth control options that are more effective and less hassle, like Essure. What is Essure?  Dr. Jeannette Lager answered this question and many more about how not to get pregnant.
When asked "why are couples waiting longer than ever to have kids", DINKlife member and author Dan B responded with a few poetic words of wisdom.
couple enjoying wine on the beach
As DINKs, we can have "date night" any night.  So make your anniversary special with these simple yet meaningful ways to say "I love you".
marriage and relationship counselling and trust
While we're enjoying the DINK experience is the best time to deepen our relationship bond.  Counselling professionals believe there are 5 ways we must trust each other to keep our relationship strong.

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Welcome to DINKlife

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