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Honeymoon tips: Now or Later?

Synonymous with the DINK lifestyle itself, many couples are choosing to do things their own way when it comes to wedding honeymooning.  Check-out these tips for your honeymoon planning.

Honeymoon tips: Now or Later?

Honeymoons have been a treasured tradition among newlyweds for centuries, and they are among the first things that come to mind when thinking of a newly wedded couple. And for many couples, getting away together on a luxurious honeymoon is the best part of the wedding experience.

For other modern couples, the importance of honeymoons has diminished, and has led marrying couples to look for alternatives to the traditional honeymoon. This shake-up of tradition has led to a big decision for newlyweds: honeymoon now, later, or not at all?

The traditional honeymoon approach

Traditional honeymoons have a lot going for them in the eyes of many couples. They are the perfect escape for couples who need the time to recharge and rejuvenate after the stress of planning and carrying off a wedding. And, of course, it’s the optimal time for romance and togetherness to kick start a great marriage.

Honeymoons immediately after a wedding are perfect for couples who host large, drawn out events surrounding their wedding day, or those who have spent more than one year planning their big day. Honeymoons are perfect for relaxation, and after dealing with the inevitable stress of wedding planning, a little pampering is definitely needed.

Immediate honeymoons are also great for more traditional couples who might not live together, or even be intimate, before getting married. For couples who need time alone together to get settled into their marriage, taking a honeymoon right away is the best route to take.

The 21st century honeymoon alternative

But many modern couples are eschewing the traditional honeymoon quite simply because they do not feel the need for it. These days, most couples live together for at least a short period of time before marrying, and the overwhelming majority are intimate from early in their relationships. These couples already know each other well, are accustomed to being together in everyday situations, and do not necessarily need a honeymoon in order to kick start their marriage.

Other modern couples, while taking all of these practical reasons into consideration, also have financial concerns which prevent an immediate honeymoon. Weddings are, of course, very expensive, and often leave little wiggle room for a couple to afford a lavish honeymoon after paying for all the wedding-related expenses.

For couples like these, who wish to avoid an immediate honeymoon for practical or financial reasons, delaying the trip can be the best choice to make. This allows couples to save money, settle into married life, and plan a great trip before actually setting off on their “honeymoon.” And for those who still want a little romance, planning the trip to celebrate a one or two year anniversary is the perfect compromise.

Whatever’s right for you two

Honeymoons are part of our wedding traditions and shouldn’t be overlooked by marrying couples simply because they can be viewed as old-fashioned. For many couples, honeymoons are the perfect way to start a marriage, and a great way to really get to know one another before settling into everyday life together. For other couples, while it does make sense to take a honeymoon, the fully traditional route isn’t the way to go. These days it is perfectly acceptable for a couple to put a honeymoon off as long as they need to in order to fit it best to their lives.

Whatever choice is ultimately made, the only important thing is that a honeymoon, or lack thereof, fits the lives and financial abilities of the couple considering them.

DINKs, which honeymoon approach did you take?

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