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5 Special Ways to Say “I Love You” on Your Anniversary

As DINKs, we can have "date night" any night.  So make your anniversary special with these simple yet meaningful ways to say "I love you".

5 Special Ways to Say “I Love You” on Your Anniversary
everything is better when it's poured for two

Married couples share everything, including money.  So why spend money on extravagant gifts and fancy dinners to celebrate your wedding anniversary? 

For DINKs, any night can be “date night,” but your anniversary is special.  It’s a celebration of your love and your life together as a couple.  So forget about the usual date night dinner and a movie.  This year, try celebrating your special day with a romantic, meaningful gesture that won’t cost you a lot of money.

1. Rent the first movie you saw together.  Whether you went to the movies on your first date, or watched a video at your place on your third date, at some point you probably saw a movie together.  This year, rent that movie, turn off the lights, make some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch.  If the movie was terrible, you can laugh at it together; if it was good, enjoy it one more time.

Try streaming your movie from:


Amazon Instant Video



2. Recreate the day you met.  Every couple has a cute “how we met” story to tell at parties. Relive this story on your anniversary. If you met at a bar, go there for a drink.  If you met at work, visit your old place of business.  If you bumped into each other on the street, walk down that same street together.  You can even take this idea a step further by recreating your first date.  Eat at the same restaurant, hang out at the same club, or see a movie at the same theater.  Reminisce about the early days of your relationship and celebrate how much your love has grown.

3. Cook your significant other’s favorite meal.  Find some recipes online, gather all of the ingredients, and spend a few hours preparing their favorite dish, whether it’s a casual burger and fries or a fancy French feast.  If he or she has a sweet tooth, try preparing his or her favorite dessert.  If you’re not much of a cook, don’t worry, your gesture will be even more special.  Cook your meal with love, and your spouse will enjoy it no matter what.

Find free easy recipes at: 

Real Simple

4. Use your creative talents.  OK, so maybe you can’t cook at all.  Try using one of your other talents.  If you’re a musician, write an anniversary song for your S.O., or perform the first song you danced to.  If you’re an artist, create an original painting, sculpture, or other piece that shares your love.  If you’re a writer, write some special anniversary poems about your spouse and your relationship.  If you’re a photographer, take some anniversary pictures of meaningful places and objects.  Everyone has a talent.  Use yours to express your love.

5. Make a mix CD of songs from the year you met or got married.  Think back to the day you fell in love or exchanged your wedding vows and try to remember some of the hit songs from that year.  You can even look on the Internet for top ten lists or albums released that year.  Pick songs you heard together, or by artists you both like.  You can listen to the CD together during a candlelit dinner, or while gazing into each other’s eyes as you cuddle on the couch.

Find the top songs from your special year at:


Jamrock Entertainment

Fourth Estate Audio

Your life as a couple is unique and special.  Use one of these simple gestures to say “I love you” in a way that celebrates your relationship and those special milestones.  It will mean much more than any traditional anniversary gift.


These were all romantic tips and so nice to follow. I am sure your special wont forget this anniversary you had when you gonna tell her how much you love her and how much she means to your life, amazing! - Marla Ahlgrimm

The first movie we saw together was Terminator, second one I think. How romantic. And even worse, are we that old?


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