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Forget Martha Stewart. Here’s how we play house and keep the furry ones who live there happy, too

Many Childfree Couples Direct their Love to Animals

You are a DINK and waiting to have kids, so look into giving some of your time and devotion to animals.

Many Childfree Couples Direct their Love to Animals
The wedding dog

While you don’t have to be kid-free in order to volunteer time for animals, many kid-free adults are giving plenty of time and effort to animal shelters and pets of their own.

By being merciful to abused and abandoned pets, you’re not just helping out the poor creatures; studies out of Australia have proved that by doing so you’re also helping yourself live a healthier and happier life.  

There are some people who don’t have kids and devote much of their waking lives working at shelters and rescuing animals in danger. Of course, not everyone can be that dedicated, but volunteering every month at the SPCA or local shelter will leave your positive mark on the helpless little critters.

If you live with your significant other but your home is childless, consider adopting an animal. It’s much easier training a puppy before having a kid, as life priorities shift after having children.

It doesn’t have to be a Scent Hound that you buy, and it doesn’t need to be an aggressive bulldog who takes chunks out of all your furniture – there are training schools available to help with such things.  All pets of all sizes have their own personalities, and it’s best to try to find one that matches your own as well as that of your significant other.  

Certainly, having no love for animals doesn’t translate to having no love for children. But a lot of childless adults tend to be the biggest enthusiasts for unadopted pets. So, if you have a curiosity for helping rescue dogs or other abandoned animals, be encouraged and inspired to research animal shelters for ways you can help.


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