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Find Your Personal DINK Style: Hire a Fashion Consultant

Looking to take your style to the next level?  We talked couples fashion with consultant Sue Yerou, and found out how to pick the perfect outfits for our busy lives.

Find Your Personal DINK Style:  Hire a Fashion Consultant
hectic DINK life

Just because DINKs don’t have kids doesn’t mean we aren’t busy.  We’re always working, travelling, dining out, partying, working on our hobbies, or taking care of our pets.  It can be tough to find time to keep up with the latest fashion trends and still find a style that fits your body and your personality. 

That’s why there are fashion consultants, otherwise known as wardrobe or image consultants, like Sue Yerou of Style Rehab.  Sue works with people of all ages and lifestyles to help them find their best personal styles and select the right outfit for any occasion. 

More and more people are hiring fashion consultants to help them dress for success.  We interviewed Sue about her services and why they’re perfect for DINKs like us. 

What does a fashion consultant do?

Works with a client on a personal wardrobe that will best express what the client wishes to convey.

What types of people hire a fashion consultant?

I’ve worked with professional men and women, recent college graduates and retired folks. I had a client ask if I would work with his 13 year old son who is transitioning from a boy to a dating teenager.  I’ve been contacted by men who are interested in dressing like a woman, who want to know how to carry themselves, walk, talk and express themselves like a woman.  So it’s not just a business with a single focus on fashion, its more related to how we present ourselves and what makes us feel good when we do.

Why should DINKs hire fashion consultants?

DINKs have a very diverse lifestyle, in my opinion.  Their lifestyle is likely quite active placing them in many different scenarios, occasions, events and locations.  For example, if building a business, they are likely to be attending events of all kinds, travelling, networking, meeting potential clients and presenting their business.  These activities alone require a wardrobe that will best represent them personally as well as their business.  A company t-shirt is not the answer for this

How important is style in the workplace?

The important aspect of a wardrobe is how it makes a person feel when they wear it.  I discuss with a client what it is they like in their wardrobe, how they want to
present themselves and what is important to them when stepping into an outfit. I find out who they are and allow that to determine the look or style of their wardrobe, in the workplace or casually.  Style is personal, it’s how we carry ourselves and how we engage with others, it’s not just about the clothes.

What are some popular brands or designers that your clients request?

Anthropologie, Banana Republic, JCrew and Nordstrom.

What are some popular looks for this spring?

Stripes and sheer and I love it!  Sexy and classic, taking us away from the bold primary colors that are finally leaving the stores and bringing in softer colors without being drab.

Continued...How to find a good wardrobe consultant in your area


If you want to achieve that look that is perfect both for your personalities it is also better that you consult a fashion consultant. - Lindsay Rosenwald


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