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In the DINK kitchen food gets all the attention

The DINK Kitchen is a full of elaborate and dangerous tools designed for the leisurely home chef with the time and energy to focus on food. Check out these six sexy machines to wet your taste buds.

In the DINK kitchen food gets all the attention
espresso for two

Looking around my DINK kitchen, I realized we have several gizmos that symbolize the freedom of a kids-free lifestyle. These are the types of items a household with toddlers would not have the time for because none of these items are about convenience or safety. They're about extracting every ounce of joy that exists in a moment

Espresso Maker

La Pavoni Espresso Maker

Take for instance our beloved La Pavoni espresso maker. Getting the kids off to school and desperately needing a morning cup of coffee? Sure if you have 10 minutes to heat up the machine, slowly pull the lever for the espresso, and then foam your ‘crema’. A time saver it is not, but for us it is worth the effort because this time-tested contraption makes a delicious Italian cappuccino. 

As coffee is near and dear to our hearts, we seem to have found a way to own a Bialettti Mukka Express. Also Italian made, there are no levers involved like the La Pavoni. But making your morning Joe is a bit more complicated than filling up the Mr. Coffee and pushing a button. Water levels need to be set, individual coffee tamped into its bowels, and the Mukka even requires installing a special frothing tool just right and filling milk up to a critical line. Tasks not meant to be taken on while getting everyone dressed and ready for school. And there's the waiting, yes the waiting for Mukka's all-important ‘pop’ and ‘whooosh’. Eagerly anticipated sounds that indicate Mukka is ready to share his espresso delights for those with the time to linger in the kitchen.

Homemade Ice Cream

hand crank freezer

While I will admit to owning an electric ice cream maker, one of my friends with kids actually has the time and patience to make homemade ice cream with an old-fashioned hand crank freezer. Time consuming and arm tiring, yes. But do these oldies but goodies make the best tasting peach ice cream ever? A resounding yes. Kids may not have the patience to wait for the ingredients to freeze, but we DINKs have the maturity and patience to savor the anticipation of the creamy delights churning beneath the ice and rock salt (yeah, right...).

Pasta Queen

pasta maker

The lost art of pasta making, crushed in spirit by so many cans of Spaghetti O's and plates of mac 'n cheese in some culinary circles, lives on in our DINK kitchen courtesy of the ‘Pasta Queen’. Now granted, after mixing the dough and pulling it through the machine, the pasta needs a place to hang and dry – which would be tricky if we had finger paintings and band camp schedules everywhere. But in our kitchen, we can create some unfettered space for linguine, fettuccine and even lasagna noodles.


And... if the mandolins scare you as much as they did me... then start small and take my recommendation to try the Simple Slicer from Pampered Chef $30. It just does 3 thicknesses of straight cuts. Eventually I'll upgrade to one of those fancy (overpriced) versions, but for now...

I'm all about the pasta! My husband and I love to make homemade ravioli by the ton just for us. It's special time, and a yummy reward for months to come as we fresh them for later eats. But I DO covet the ice cream maker!

It's all about the espresso maker! Spent time as a barista in my college days...so of course I had to get one for my home. It's the perfect start to a peaceful morning.

I have a very heavy and large cast iron skillet, unlocked wine cabinet, electric wine opener and many knives and sharp objects all within easy reach.

Breadmaker - did not even think about that one...we are about to buy a BlendTec blender, super high tech and dangerous I've heard.

Breadmaker, our electric wine opener and aerator (it's not electric), juicer, yogurt maker and food processor.

I also love my sushi maker and my microplanes of various sizes. Not too dangerous but very intricate!


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