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Halloween Costumes for Couples, DINK Style

Halloween Costumes for Couples, DINK Style

Couples costumes are a Halloween staple, but for DINKs, not just any Raggedy Anne and Andy outfit will do. We need something that screams, “We’re together and we’re awesome.” Drawing a blank? Here are a few couples Halloween costume ideas to get you started.

Doctor and Nurse

With all of the fun you’re having being a DINK, and all the extra hours you’ve been putting in at the office, who has the time to create an over-the-top Halloween costume? Luckily, there’s the fall back doctor and nurse combo. All it takes is a couple pairs of scrubs, a lab coat and a stethoscope and suddenly you have a matching costume. For a modern spin, let her be the doctor and him be the nurse. If you have a bit more prep time, check out the fun versions below:

Women: Sexy Nurse Adult Womens CostumeNurse May I Kiss It Womens CostumePhysical Frannie Adult Nurse Costume

Men: Dr. Seymour Bush Lab Coat Adult Mens Costume and check out the Emergency Room Surgeon Adult Costume

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Emma H - much fun. Can't wait! We're considering Dracula and Mina, but Yin & Yang looks like something different.
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COMMENTS: much fun. Can't wait! We're considering Dracula and Mina, but Yin & Yang looks like something different.


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