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What are DINKs?

By definition, DINKs are part of a Dual Income No Kids couple (or Double Income No Kids couple). In a DINK couple, both people have their own income source, they share living expenses, and have no children.

However, being a DINK is really about a way of thinking and of living. DINK-hood is really about two strong, independent people partnering to make the most of life together. We are enjoying the freedom, possibility and growth that comes from living without kids, whether it be life-stage or a lifelong commitment.

I’m a DINK. Does that mean I can never have kids?

You’ll have to ask your doctor that question, but as far as we’re concerned, no.

What’s important is that you are considering your choices fearlessly and with an open mind. That’s what sets DINKs apart.

We DINKs are taking the time to enjoy the freedom and possibility life brings without the commitment of raising children, whether that be a temporary or permanent choice. DINKs are choosing to take this time to nurture their relationship, focus on financial and physical well being, and have diverse new life experiences as individuals and as a couple.

What’s DFL?

DINKs For Life. The battle cry for DINKs that have chosen to remain child-free for life.

What's up with the "child-free" movement?

Child-free folks have no children and plan to stay that way forever. More and more people are choosing to completely forgo raising kids for a wide variety of reasons. In fact, the percentage of women in the U.S. that go through life without having kids has doubled since 1980, from 10% to 20%. This growth in numbers has resulted in corresponding growth in influence, with increasing attention in the press.

DINKlife represents those living the DINK lifestyle, and helps us make the most of life without the commitment of raising children, whether that be a life-stage or a permanent choice.

Am I living the Dual Income No Kids lifestyle?

Watch the DINKlife Public Service Announcement video. If it speaks directly to you, then yes.

What are Meet-outs?

Just when it seemed all of our friends had moved on to parenthood or were stuck in
singledom… Finally, there’s a place for DINKs to connect. Introducing Meet-outs,
the first and only place for DINKs to create events and connect with likeminded
couples in the real world.

Forget soccer games and singles bars. Meet-outs gives us a way to make new friends who are just like us. Getting a posse together for a big concert? Planning a wine tasting weekend? Just log in, post the event, and DINKlife will invite local DINKs in your area. With Meet-outs, you are in control. You can monitor RSVPs for your event, make changes as you go, and communicate with the attendees through your personalized event page.

Don’t have anything planned? Check-out Meet-outs in your area and connect with DINKs that are into the same stuff as you: gastro-pubs, volunteering, kick ball, you name it.

Never again will your night be cut short because the babysitter cancelled, or because your pal Chris got another booty call. Meet-outs connects you with DINKs like you. Expand your inner circle and check out what’s happening in your area.

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+Welcome to DINKlife

Welcome to DINKlife

Part of a Dual Income No Kids couple? Whether you don't have kids yet or never will, this is our place to make the most of life as a twosome. 

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