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I have known since I was a kid that I did not want kids. I never had the fantasy dream of getting married, having kids, etc. I personally never even thought I would ever get married- but I did- TWICE.

During my first marriage, my husband tried to "force" me to have kids, even though he knew from the beginning that not only did I not WANT kids, I HATED them....After 8 years of marriage he finally gave me an ultimatum (by that December), that I was start trying to have kids or we were going to get a divorce. I was on birth control pills and at the time, the clinic I was going to knew full well how I felt about kids and that I never wanted them.

After the ultimatum, I was at the clinic and told them what was going on and they told me I could get an IUD there and it was good for 5 years and I could "pretend" like I was trying to get pregnant just to remain married. I gave it much consideration, but in the end I knew my marriage needed to be over anyways.

After coming back from a hunting vacation that I did not go on (since I was not "allowed" to go hunting and was only going to be allowed to stay in the motel) he started his same ol name calling and said "And you're not having my kid either are you?", to which I replied "NO, I'm not having ANYONE'S kid". We then started divorce proceedings and before the divorce was even final I went and got my tubes tied (free of charge here in Arkansas).

My life was a total disaster but I kept a notebook of my goals and upon divorcing I completed them all in under 6 months! At that time I was not looking to meet another man, but as fate has it, I met Gabe and we have been married almost 10 years now.

He knew from the moment I met him that (1) I did not have kids (2) I did not want kids and (3) I hate kids. I also told him that the only things I care about are cars and motorcycles. We married after 6 months of dating. He doesn't like kids either!

Ten years later nothing has changed. We do what we want, when we want and to what extent we want. Our whole life revolves around buying things that we love. Our current and most obsessive love is old Harleys! I have 4 motorcycles now and have been getting featured in a lot of magazines and blogs.

I don't care what other people think or say. I know in the end they are just jealous that they cannot do the things I do because they don't have the freedom or the money to do them. If we want to go eat at midnight or go for a 3 day cruise or whatever, we CAN!

It is definitely a decision I will NEVER regret and it is probably my greatest accomplishment. If you look closely, you will notice my "No Children Allowed" sign on the camper that lives on the front of my house. There are truly no children allowed at my house and another great accomplishment of mine is to say that I have NEVER held or touched a baby- a fact that I am QUITE proud of! How many females can say that?

We live an AMAZING life without children. When I drive my Corvette I see the looks it gets from all the people that have children. People now are becoming more honest and telling me that they wish they would have never had children and that if they didn't, maybe they could have a Corvette or Harley also.


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