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Loving the DINK life but leaving it in God's hands.

My husband and I met in our early 30's. Our relationship progressed quickly and we were married just over a year later. We have everything in common, yet our personalities are opposite and we found a great balance. I organize and micromanage and he goes with the flow. It works!

Before we got married, I had to have "the talk" with my husband. I made it perfectly clear that I did not plan on having children, and if he was not okay with that, we should not get married. He really is just a go with the flow guy and he said that was fine with him. I just never saw myself as a mom. For 12 years of my life, I was in an unhealthy relationship with a man who had two children by two different mothers. One of those children was conceived during our relationship. Being young and in what I thought was love at the time, I decided that I wanted to be with this man, but would never be a 3rd child's mother to him. At that point I knew I didn't want kids. For most of the previous 12 years I had spent time convincing myself and my family of all the reasons why kids were not for me.

Fast forward to my marriage. My husband is the youngest of 5, and I have a much younger sibling who I spent plenty of time mothering. We both have large extended families and love spending time with all of them, from the babies to the grandmas. But we love going home and getting away from them too. After our first year of marriage we had a serious talk. We decided that we didn't want to live with regrets and what ifs. We talked about pros and cons and were still leaning towards the DINK life.

Then something happened to change my way of thinking. It was time for my annual birth control prescription renewal and during my doctors appointment I was told I could no longer use traditional birth control pills. I had the info and was exploring my options. I am a Christian and I decided to pray about it. It's not for everyone but it works for me. After more discussion my husband and I decided to leave our future in God's hands. If we are meant to be parents, it will happen in His time.

Let me emphasize, we love being DINKS! We love being spontaneous and having more disposable income than we would otherwise. We are enjoying life and sometimes I hope it stays that way. For the last year and a half we have not been doing anything to prevent pregnancy. We don't track ovulation and in no way are we trying to conceive, but we aren't doing anyting to stop it either. We decided we are going to leave it God's hands and make the most of whatever life has in store for us!


+Welcome to DINKlife

Welcome to DINKlife

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