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Exploring the world together

When we married we both traveled for work, so kids weren't an option, and neither of us were in any hurry to start a family, so it was someday, when we are in our 30's or down the road.

Well down the road arrived & I'll never forget the moment he looked at me & said 'We don't have to have kids you know". Like a weight lifted for me, and him when we both realized that fact.

We did make a conscious decision that we were not going to be sitting at home, watching TV & just coasting through life. Making the decision to be childfree we are going to enjoy it!

We can't do everything we want to (yet). But we do pretty well. Weekends are free for overnight get-a-ways, shows, concerts and sporting events. Long weekends give us an opportunity to explore our neck of the woods -- if it is within a 6-hour drive, it can be a long weekend away. Vacations are spent where ever strikes our fancy - Cancun, Maine, Disney World, the Outer Banks....

Eventually, when the house is paid off and we can cut back on work hours we will be able to do longer trips to Europe, Asia and Australia.
The best part is we love traveling together. 10 hours in the car, crank the tunes. Delayed flights, airport bar for cocktails & munchies. Rainy day, find a museum. We always manage to find something to try and enjoy being together.


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