Whether it’s sailing the South Pacific, landing your dream job or closing on a sweet pad, every DINK has a story; post your story.

Completely Contented

My DINK story is simple:

Happily married for (very nearly) fifteen years and we still have the time and energy to learn about one another as we journey through our lives! We don't feel that having children should be a means to an end, and we are proud to be a couple that consciously choose to reduce our carbon footprint and to have a life for just the two of us.

Thanks, DINK, for an arena for those of us that feel that parenting isn't a MUST.

Tammy and Chris Hopper


+Welcome to DINKlife

Welcome to DINKlife

Part of a Dual Income No Kids couple? Whether you don't have kids yet or never will, this is our place to make the most of life as a twosome. 

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