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Things to do in Paso Robles, CA for couples

The Paso Robles Wine Region has finally come of age! But, what to do as there are over 300 wineries/tasting rooms and a whole lot of 'other stuff' to sway your attention?

I'm a local to the area (and a DINK) so thought I would share what us 'insiders' do when we have a few days to celebrate Life.

Accommodations: There are plenty of hotels in Paso Robles, as well as B&B's affiliated with the wineries. Your choice really depends on what experience you are looking for: The hotels offer all the frills you might expect. My recommendations for hotels are: low budget/great service = the Adelaida Inn; Downtown location with the original "hot springs" in your room, no less = the Paso Robles Inn (be aware the rooms are older, so what you are paying for are the hot springs and the spot on downtown location); high end (and you'll pay for it) is the Hotel Cheval.

If you're a bit adventurous and would relish the opportunity to stay out among the vines, I heartily recommend you consider a vacation rental. Most of these rentals require a minimum 2 night stay, but hey, do it! There are really nice priced rentals on VRBO and Paso's own site http://www.pasoroblesvacationr.... My take: the vacation rentals are the way to go. You'll get your own home and likely a most special experience. Feel free to e-mail me with questions about the rentals. I know most of them and can advise you accordingly.

Next Up: Where to Go and What to Do?
Most come to Paso Robles looking for great wine - and THAT WE HAVE! My suggestions vary based on whether you enjoy red or white wines. There is no doubt that you can spend literally weeks exploring all the tasting rooms, and yeah... that would be fun if we all had the time. But you're here only 3 days - so what do I recommend? That's a hard question. Do you want (1) the best wines; (2) the best tasting rooms to visit, or (3) a bit of both? Hardcore Red = Tablas Creek, Lone Madrone, Denner, Jada and Chateau Margine. Whites... ah, well that's another itinerary for San Luis Obispo.

Where to EAT: Start with my own "Paso Robles Food and Wine Tour" and you'll knock off 5 restaurants in one afternoon! It's a low-key food tasting tour that pairs the wines of Paso with several of our great Paso Restaurants. Fellow DINKs can contact me directly to book at and I'll be happy to offer a 10% discount (just let me know you're a DINK)

Paso Robles is full of phenomenal food, delicious wines and a bevy of adventures!


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