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San Francisco, California
DINKs WANTED: radio documentary on choice NOT to have children

Hey all - Posting this on behalf of Anthony Piscitella, a reporter looking for your input...

Hello everyone. I am part of a team doing a radio documentary about the choice not to have children - and what it means when one takes such a choice. How does ones surroundings - friends, family etc. react? I know from personal experience that the choice to be childfree sometimes is met with odd questions and scepticism.

In our documentary we want to focus on the reasons - and consequences - for one not to have children. We want to hear this not as much from experts, talking about statistics about world population and declining birth rates as from the people who have actually made the choice.
Hopefully the outcome will provide more understanding and insight for the listeners into why some people choose to live without children.

While we are still looking for many characters, we now are focusing our search to a woman who could be the 'main character' of our piece. Ideally, she is someone who is undecided about children but is leaning towards not having them and is comfortable discussing her feelings and opinions about the topic. As I mentioned, it is a purely audio-show, which means you have the option of anonymity. Don't hesitate to contact us, even if you're still not quite settled on your decision - we would like to hear from you in any case.

We really hope some of you will share your thoughts and experiences with us. If so, please contact us at:

Best regards,

Anthony Piscitella


Wannadance S (not verified)
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Holtsville, New York

Contrary to the popular belief, children are the best gift in the world. I guess we all need to have children to lighten up our lives. - YOR Health

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San Antonio, Texas

Wow, that last reply reminds of what I encounter so frequently IRL which I read today by Max Lucado "Relationships don't thrive because the guilty are punished but because the innocent are merciful." So, why are you here Wannadance S?

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