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Freehold, New Jersey
Looking for Dinks in Central Jersey

Hi, just joined Dink Life. Any dinks in their mid to early 40's located near Freehold NJ?

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Parlin, New Jersey

My husband and are in Sayreville! Not many of us out here in Central Jersey. We're 49, so little older than age range. We have a little group that meet up periodically, take excursions, movies, etc. Interested? Keep checking back here for posted invites.

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Trenton, New Jersey

Hi...just joined. I'm 44 & my husband is 50. We are very active, enjoy the shore & love to travel. We end up doing most vacations & activities ourselves, since all our friends are so busy with their kids....just want some friends to hang out with that can go places & do things like we do. It's really hard to make new friends & especially anyone who loves
getting out and being active.

+Welcome to DINKlife

Welcome to DINKlife

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