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Russellton, Pennsylvania

I have been a "hardcore" gardener since I got married 22 years ago. I originally started because we were young a pretty poor when we got married, and gardening kept me home doing something productive rather than spending money. Of course, it turned into a lifetime passion. Many years back, DH's uncle, the one who was my gardening mentor, became a beekeeper. This year, after years of gentle persuasion, he has persuaded me to take one of his hives, and I've spent a couple weekends learning the science. I am so excited to see what the bees will do for my garden!

Jennifer L_6's picture
Denton, Texas

That is awesome! Be sure to tell me about your experience. My uncle occasionally gives me honey from his beekeeping and it is so delicious. I personally am nervous around bees, but i think it is an admirable hobby.

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